Birthed from MBBD, A Mother’s Justice invests resources in hunger prevention, nutrition education, MCH health planning, and baby/maternal risk. Utilizing a holistic approach to self-care and advocacy, we help mothers take ownership of their pregnancy and overall health. Women are empowered with the knowledge to ask the right questions to care providers about their pregnancy and personal vital signs, reducing mortality and low infant birth weight through self-advocacy and good nutrition.


                                           We acknowledge the critical linkages between food system issues and health inequities. 

As a result of the plight of our nation and exclusion of black and brown mothers in sacrificial zones, A Mother’s Justice is a holistic approach to reducing maternal mortality and low infant birth weight through good nutrition, self-regulation and advocacy.


Expectant mothers are welcomed to this program through efforts that include distribution of materials such as flyers and wristbands inscribed with the contact number to call. Referrals for at risk mothers are also provided by other agencies as well as moms who are currently a part of the sister circle.

Utilizing a culturally sensitive curriculum, Healthy Hearts Plus II provides nutrition education on how to eat the best for less, food combining and food preparation, along with water therapy and personal self-regulation.

Nutrition & Self-Regulation

Because food sovereignty is an issue in this community, fresh whole foods distributed and served once a week to participants (FOOD IS MEDICINE) is a very crucial component of this program, as many of these moms don’t have access to affordable healthy foods. Through nutrition education, moms can experience the ease and affordability of preparing healthy meals for the entire family.

Birth plan journals are provided to track pregnancy vitals, such as blood pressure and blood glucose, so they will know what to ask their health care providers. Stethoscopes are used to listen to mom and babies’ heartbeat. Journals are reviewed to determine the progress of their pregnancy.

We assist Virginia in implementing actions to address disparities in maternal health and improve maternal health outcomes such as:

  • Reduced NICU admission by 5%
  • Improved rates of Prenatal/postnatal care more than 30% over the nations average
  • Reduced the cost of associated care by 5% among Medicaid recipient and high-risk pregnant wome