A Mother's Justice

A Mother's Justice

Birthed from MBBD, A Mother’s Justice emerged due to the plight of our nation and exclusion of black and brown mothers in sacrificial zones. A Mother’s Justice provides a holistic approach to reducing maternal mortality and low infant birth weight through good nutrition and advocacy.

What We Do:

A Mother’s Justice has a holistic approach to self-care and advocacy by providing Birthing Plan journals, which are utilized to track personal vital signs such as blood pressure and glucose. Instructing and supporting our mothers through this process helps them to take ownership of their pregnancy and overall health. Women are equipped with the knowledge to ask the right questions to their care providers about pregnancy, personal vital signs,  and to reduce maternal mortality through good nutrition.

Acknowledging the critical linkages between food system issues and health inequities, MBBD: A Mother’s Justice invests resources in hunger prevention, nutrition education, MCH health planning, and baby/maternal risk. We assist Virginia in implementing actions to address disparities in maternal health and improve maternal health outcomes such as:

  • Reduced NICU admission by 5%
  • Improved rates of Prenatal/postnatal care more than 30% over the nations average
  • Reduced the cost of associated care by 5% among Medicaid recipient and high-risk pregnant women