Healthy Hearts Plus II (HHP II) is a 501c3, Virginia Non-profit organization focused on reducing the egregious racial inequities within low-income communities. Our multi-service health education organization, is poised to foster social impacts for families in poverty in the City of Richmond. HHP II develops culturally relevant, nutrition based curriculums to support health programs for families of color, women, infants/children, and fathers. The curriculums are aimed to help decrease the systematic inequalities that plaque Richmond low-income communities. We recognize that food & nutrition is an intersectional issue that affects early childhood development, education, healthcare, employment, the environment, and is impacted by the ecology of growing up in poverty. We educate families throughout Central Virginia, on how to explore the educational and skill building activities centered around navigating health and nutrition benefits, reducing wasted food through streamlined buying and safe storage, using holistic nutrition strategies like gardening for physical activity and stress management, new recipes for healthier lifestyles, and composting for a healthy environment.


The Healthy Hearts Plus II organization has invested in a strategy of conducting community based participatory research supported by the March of Dimes and established programs to better care for Health maintenance organizations. In the process, we discovered that part of the reason MCH legislation and subsequent programs fall way short of achieving their goals is because programs for women with brown skin are theorized in ways that lack credible empirical support. Our work is not contingent on “projects or initiatives” we are in the community which enables trust. We foster engagement between patients and the clinical community. In 2016, we were the implementation team in Central Virginia translating scientific findings from Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, and academics into coherent and improved program models, tools, and outcomes for maternal risk with diet related health conditions.