Healthy Hearts Plus II

The Mission

Healthy Hearts Plus II (HHP II) is a multi-service health education organization poised to foster social impacts for families in poverty in the City of Richmond by helping to decrease hunger within the community on a nutritional level based on an individual’s needs and developing culturally relevant curriculum to support health promotion programs for families of color, women, infants/children, and fathers.

In 2006, Mommies Bellies Babies & Daddies (MBBD) breastfeeding program was created and designed to educate, encourage and empower Mothers to Appreciate themselves, Bond with their baby, and be a better Caretaker of self and baby. HHP II MBBD mission uses centering for pregnant women through spiritual soul care and sister circles to organize and empower breastfeeding women seeking pathways to their future. The vision is to provide life enhancing nutritional education and services to communities who are nutritionally destitute as a result of a variety of social, economic and environmental factors by empowering healthy mothers who nurture healthy children and develop our future leaders.

The goals of the MBBD breastfeeding program are to reduce infant mortality and racial disparities by addressing their associated risk factors; reduce maternal stress and depression; and increase breast feeding rates. These goals are accomplished by providing participants with basic nutrition education workshops, hands on training/breastfeeding demonstrations, Mentorship Sister Circles, and the Mommy Support Kit which consists of diapers, wipes, onesies, breast pads, shields and food care packages.

This program also encourages the inclusion of fathers and other family members within the community for support. HHP II MBBD program has changed the paradigm by using holistic health as a platform, based on collective outcomes through a commitment to the growth of a person in the social, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for total wellness. HHP II continues to work towards Food Justice and food equality through partnerships to provide support and access to nutritious food for all. Food Sovereignty, First Foods, and Waste FREE food security continues to ignite a sense of urgency for HHP II, to elevate the consciousness of our community and the general public to enhance the overall quality of lives through Nutritional education.