Our Programs

Mommies, Bellies, Babies, and Daddies

Mommies, Bellies, Babies, and Daddies was created to inform new mothers about the importance of breastfeeding, nutrition during and after pregnancy, and combating the infant mortality rate in minority communities.

A Mother's Justice

Because of the plight of our nation and exclusion of black and brown mothers in sacrificial zones, A Mother’s Justice emerged, providing a holistic approach to reducing maternal mortality and low infant birth weight through good nutrition and advocacy.

Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty is the right of people to healthy and culturally appropriate foods created through ecology and other sustainable methods that will allow humanity to maintain our dignity and respect through our daily bread.

Food Is Medicine

A Nutrition and food delivery program that provides access to local produce and farm fresh foods, nutritional support, and specialized care to pregnant women and their families in food desert communities. 

Sister Circle

Our Sister Circles are sacred for bonding healing and nurturing our future.
Peer to peer breastfeeding mommy models and empowerment  sessions.

Diabetes Self-Management Education* (DSME)

Healthy Hearts Plus II has partnered with The Capital Area Health Network’s (CAHN’s) Diabetes Self-Management Education* (DSME) program to offer a culturally diverse educational experience that ultimately empowers participants, to optimizes their health and improve their quality of life for themselves and their families through intensive Diabetes Education, Nutritional Support/Food Preparation and Exercise Training. Our goal is to encourage our community to make subtle lifestyle changes through nutrition, food preparation and movement to help lower the A1C and blood pressure.