Healthy Hearts Plus II

A Mother’s Justice

Because of the plight of our nation and exclusion of black and brown mothers in sacrificial zones, A Mother’s Justice emerged, providing a holistic approach to reducing maternal mortality and low infant birth weight through good nutrition and advocacy.

A Holistic Approach To Reducing Maternal Mortality And Low Infant Birth Weight Through Good Nutrition And Self-Care

What We Do:
We acknowledge the critical linkages between food system issues and health inequities. We circulate expertiseand invest resources in hunger prevention, nutrition education, MCH health planning, baby / maternal risk. We assist Virginia in implementing actions to address disparities in maternal health and improve maternal health outcomes such as:

  • Reduced NICU admission by 5%
  • Improved rates of Prenatal/postnatal care more than 30% over the nations average reduced the cost of associated care by 5% among Medicaid recipient high-risk pregnant women.

Feed More

Healthy Hearts Plus 2 is proud to work with Feed More to bring healthy meals and nutrition education to the communities we serve. Feed More--Wellness Partner.

City of Richmond, VA

Great thanks to City of Richmond for helping us to pave the path to nutrition and support for so many moms and families.​