Healthy Hearts Plus II exists to utilize the power of education to empower and
enlighten urban communities about nutritional health values leading to a positive lifestyle change.

Nutritional Education that Supports a Holistic Dietary Lifestyle

Healthy Hearts Plus II is a nonprofit community based organization located in Richmond, VA. HHP II was founded in 1999 springing from Healthy Heart Plus LLC, a private nutritional consultation service.  While practicing in the private industry as a Certified Nutritional Consultant, founder and executive director, Alice Freeman recognized the lack of resources, access to fresh foods, and nutritional training for under resourced communities. HHP II grew out of a need to provide life enhancing nutritional education and services to under resourced communities, as a result of social, economic and environmental disparities. Healthy Hearts Plus II addresses the root cause of these issues through innovative educational programs that focus on holistic dietary lifestyle changes through nutrition and interactive engagement within communities. 

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Mommies, Bellies, Babies, and Daddies provides weekly peer and professional support through the Sister Circles, Deliveries of Groceries and Mommy Essentials, The ABCs of Breastfeeding education and nutritional screenings and guidance – Plus referrals for professional doula services and emotional support. Download the Healthy Hearts Plus II App for Android or IOS Today!!

Encouraging healthier lifestyle is our passion


MBBD ABC's Of Breastfeeding

Doula Services

A Mother's Justice

Food Is Medicine

Food Sovereignty

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