We all deserve the human right to adequate food, freedom from food deserts, and healthcare.

A nutrition and food delivery program that provides access to local produce and farm fresh foods, nutritional support, and specialized care to pregnant women and their families in food desert communities.

These services allow expectant moms and their families a chance to experience a healthy and safe prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum journey through good nutrition.


The Central Virginia Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry Program has been serving the Richmond community since October 2009. It was designed to decrease hunger within the community on a nutritional level base on the individual’s needs. This program has improved the lives of those who are homeless and struggling to make ends meet.

The program takes place in 4 locations: Vernon J. Harris, Whitcomb Court, Chester, and Petersburg. The food pantry serves an average of 500 people at each site; this number is steadily rising. Petersburg distributes on the 1st of every other month, Vernon J. Harris is on the 2nd of every other month, Chester is on the 3rd of every other month and Whitcomb Court is on the 4th of every other month.