Families Served For The Week Ending on 5-29-22


Mommies, Bellies, Babies and Daddies For Week ending 5-29-22

Submitted by: Healthy Hearts Plus II

Monday, May 23, 2022

Workshop:                       Mommies, Bellies, Babies & Daddies 

Location:                         Calhoun Center – COVID 96 Foods as Prescription RX & Delivery

Attendance:                    154 persons served – 70 families served – 14 pregnant, 23  breastfeeding moms, 7 fathers, 38 babies & toddlers, 9 children,  1 staff 2 drivers

Race Breakdown:            16 Black; 50 families in need; 3 transients

Deliveries:                        16 families delivered by CAHN Transportation

Food Poundage:             1,101 pounds of food; 15.29lbs. of food per family

Nutrition Info:                  Re-lactation

New Mothers:                 1

Diapers:                           1

Home Deliveries:           17 by CAHN

Home Deliveries:           55 by other means

Total Deliveries:             72

Food sovereignty:         17 foods as prescription bags were delivered to our Pregnant, New Moms and Breastfeeding families during COVID19. 

Topic:                          We would like to begin our weekly report each week with  appreciation to Mr. Tracy Causey and the Capital Area Health  Network transportation team for their show of support and  collective solidarity as food is medicine bags were delivered to  our pregnant, postpartum moms and breastfeeding mothers.  During this time of social distancing and isolation and in  compliance with the CDC guidelines, we will make home  deliveries to our families so that they will have the necessary  nutritious foods utilizing food as medicine. Our staff and  drivers continue to follow the state mandated 6 feet distance so that they maintain a safe distance from our families while they  provide this essential service. 

This week we welcomed our mothers to our virtual sister circle.  Our Doula, Weluna Finley was our facilitator for this session.  

After our pre-school readiness moment where we assist our  mothers in supporting their efforts to provide early educational  intervention for their children between the ages of 1 and 4 years  old, Ms. Finley spoke in detail about informed consent and  what that means to women who are pregnant and for women’s  health in general. She also answered questions about  breastfeeding to include lactation, re-lactation (in the wake of  the formula shortage), nutrition, and hydration. Many of our  mothers provided their personal stories and testimonies on  breastfeeding and offered their support to each other in the  circle. 

We continue to welcome new mothers to the circle as well as  returning moms who are experiencing another pregnancy. We  are excited about our growing family.  

You can find more information on our programs on Facebook  and Instagram. On behalf of Dr. Alice Freeman, the entire staff  of Healthy Hearts Plus II and the families we serve, we say,  “Thank You” for your unselfish love and act of kindness. We  pray blessings of good health, peace of mind and total wellness  for each of you. Please continue to be safe and well. 

Session Needs: None currently.

Conclusion:                 Care packages consisting of food items and other essentials were distributed to each participant.